Nov 26, 2014

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Jan 3, 2014

Edifier Da5000Pro Review with Xonar DX

When I was struggling to find out a good budget sound card for my Edifier DA5000 Pro, I came across Xonar DX or D1 through many techies. So, I thought of giving DX a try.
Finally, I bought one and installed it in my PC. My initial impression was just OK and I was satisfied with the sound, and it was worth for which I invested. I am using an Intel motherboard with Core2Duo processor.
The Xonar DX specs claims that the sound quality will be 35% better than the on-board sound card. But, I felt listening to music with this is 1.5 times better than the on-board sound cards.
Hence Edifier DA5000Pro + Asus Xonar DX – is definitely a good combination for budget audiophiles.
So, my search resumed again. However, this time the search was for the solution and not for the sound card.Then I heard in some blogs suggesting for modded drivers, developed by Brainbit. So, I decided to try it once. After modded drivers are installed, the sound quality has improved to an extent.
My Sound Card Settings
Source: 2ch for stereo sources and 6 for 5.1 channel tracks
Output: 6ch
Other settings are left to default.
My Speaker Settings
Treble: 4
Bass: 2
Mids: 1
Front: 4
Center: 5
Rear: 8

Ensure that the sound card is firmly installed. It should not more tilt when it is completely fixed. The sound enhancement will decline if is not properly installed even though the sound is produced.
Do not tweak the audio using the equalizer or environment setting when connected to speakers.

Aug 28, 2013

Best Sound Enhancer for Android Phones/Tablets

Raccoon audio is an audio optimization developed for Android devices. It is excellent software that supports multiple audio enhancers like Dolby, Audio Compression, Equalizer, Bass booster, Digital equalizer, virtual surround and more.
When I tried to download it for the first time, I was really not curious in downloading and installing the app as it is not present in the Google Play.
To give a try, I downloaded and installed it, and my first impression was amazing when I plugged my earphone. The audio enhances to a better extent and gives you the flavor of music you like. For better results, I would suggest you to use the enhancement types like earphone or headphone and experience the result by yourself.

Aug 27, 2013

SoundMagic E30 review

E30, another emerging and top searched IEM from SoundMagic. E30 is launched as an upgrade to PL30 – a budget earphone with fun and spacious sounding, and also a preferred earphone by many customers even for now.

The outlook and feel of E30 is similar to PL30 – an on-ear type earphone, designed for the use even while working out, playing and other activities.

Accessories and Build Quality

The package comes with a pair of plastic ear guides, a pair of double-flange tips, 3 pairs of single flanged other different sized silicon tips, a carrying bag and a shirt clip and  these accessories are sufficient and quite enough to fit for different ear holes.

The build quality is good. As, I am currently using the third version of E30 which shows a good improvement in the build quality compared to the previous two versions I used (not sure about how many versions of E30 has been released).

In the newer version, the wire looks like a rope where two wires are twisted to combine them. The housings of E30 looks like a cheap plastic unlike their siblings.

There are two cheap looking silvery metals: one at the end of the connector jack and the other at the meeting of two earphone cables. Other than this, the earphone is very light weight and sits comfortably in the ears when using it. There is no denotation of L and R on the earphone but can be identified by SoundMagic’s standard color markings – Red for Right and Blue for Left.
Sound Quality

I knew you people are most concerned about this particular section than any other sections. First of all, I repeat that this is an over-ear type earphone and cannot produce its best if used normally. This is primarily designed for gym purpose; however, it is good for normal listening as well.

This is one of the analytical sounding earphones with slight emphasis in bass, natural sounding with no warm or dark sound. The lows are sufficient enough to satisfy a normal user. E30 produces a satisfying bass and has full body texture as compared to the sibling PL30 and this is definitely not a bass monster.

The mids are laid back compared to the PL30 which excelled in producing forward mids. However, E30 manages to neutral sound with good details, in fact a cold sound. The highs are again better than the preceding PL30. It sounds clean and clear compared to PL30 but does not possess crisp sound and the soundstage is not as wide as PL30 but is above average. There is no hissing sound when using the earphone when it rubs the cloth or body- very less microphonics.

Overall considering the price point, these are detailed earphones in SoundMagic’s list and are value for money earphones.  If you are looking for a good earphone for gym use or cold sounding IEM for long time listening, then E30 is one in considering the price point.

Feb 18, 2013

Issues with Asus Xonar DX?

Why is there a mixed opinion about the same product? Why did experts create a big hype about this product through their reviews?
I would like to share my personal experience about this product and any opinions on it through comments are greatly appreciated. Let us help other Xonar users with our views.
  • Installed the hardware and drivers but the sound is not that great – Check whether you have inserted into the PCI-e slot properly. The device comes with a long metal strip which will stop it from entering deep into the slot. If the device is properly installed then it needs some force to remove the slot, check this once. If it is easily coming out even while inserting jacks with a mild force, ensure whether it is properly inserted and also try with the small metal strip provided along with the pack. 
    • Reason: The cabinet dimensions may not match with the width of the metal strip.
  • The drivers are not getting installed – This may be due to the error connecting by power pins to the sound card because DX needs an additional power to drive it. Hence, ensure that the device is properly connected to the power pin.
  • Xonar Driver got installed but the application is not displayed on the icons, or the software is not working when you try to access it – This is because of the incompatible drivers and this usually happens when you are using 64 bit OS but have installed 32-bit version of Xonar DX. So download and install the appropriate drivers.
    • Tip: The Xonar drivers are horrible at 64-bit version and have many issues in it like popping sound when you change the settings and even in the sound quality.
  • Sound is not coming in all speakers (especially 5.1 speakers) or sound is not even across all speakers – This problem occurs when there is a version compatibility issue with the OS. Try uninstalling the Xonar Driver, and try upgrading or downgrading it based on the current installed version.
  • No sound enhancement and not satisfied: Check whether the sound card is properly fit in the PCI-e slot. Re-install the sound into the slot and fix the card firmly with the help of  screws.
Please share your opinions and help other viewers of the article to get some help.  If anyone had succeeded in fixing the problem, please write us back to us.
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